About Valerie Gray

For over thirty years, I’ve been helping writers tell their stories. Whether an author is working on their first book or their thirtieth, my commitment remains the same:  to help each and every writer develop their finest work.

My first encounter with editing was as an English teacher in rural Alberta–and I can tell you, those kids knew something about keeping the story simple. Later on, my teaching career took me to England.

When I returned to Canada, I began a career in radio and television broadcasting.  Once more, I explored the idea of storytelling, only now the medium was tape and film instead of paper. And there were many stories to tell, from serious to hilarious, from heartbreaking to heartwarming.  If I didn’t know before then, it became very apparent that everyone has a story to tell.

My work in broadcasting was followed by a lengthy career in the film industry, most memorably as a production coordinator on the well-known television series MacGyver.  I also worked as a producer, on everything from the Opening Ceremonies at the Calgary Olympic Winter Games to Gemini Award-winning films.

In 2000, I joined the publishing industry as an in-house editor, helping to shape the careers of both debut novelists and New York Times bestselling authors. In that time I‘ve worked on close to two hundred published novels and novellas.

As a young girl growing up on the Canadian prairies I used to wonder what it would be like to be an editor—although back then, I wasn’t even sure what an editor did. I just knew that if Jacqueline Onassis worked as an editor, it had to be a pretty great job. And I was right.